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Tennis World Foundation is a non-profit organisation focussed on the development of vulnerable children through the game of tennis. Our school and community-based tennis development programme promotes resilience, teamwork and leadership. We believe that tennis is more than just a game, it is a great way for boys and girls to shape their ability to cope in an unjust world and to learn the skills needed to build a successful future.

Thousands of poor children in developing countries are denied the right to play. Research shows that children living in poverty are more prone to abusing drugs and alcohol and engaging in risky sexual behaviour, especially when they do not have access to recreational facilities and sport. Physical education is not a priority in these countries, further limiting children’s opportunities for sport exposure.

The Tennis World Foundation is focussed on developing the game of tennis in schools and other places where vulnerable children can be reached. The foundation and its partners offer a school and community-based tennis development programme, aimed at firstly exposing children to tennis, secondly, developing tennis teams and finally supporting individual talent.

The TENNIS WORLD Foundation (TWF) was established by tennis media entrepreneur Federico Coppini. As founder and CEO of the Tennis World Magazine International, Federico are inspired to give back to poor communities and vulnerable children, through the sport that he so loves. Being a long standing coach and father himself, he has seen the developmental benefits that tennis offer children.

Our vision is to bring together friends and schoolmates to have fun, share experiences and learn life skills. We see tennis as an opportunity to reach and impact children positively, while we identify and support the tennis stars of the future.