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Frequently Asked Questions for Tab Tennis Foundation

I get a sign-in error, "This browser is not supported or 3rd party cookies and data may be disabled."

Most likely, this means your browser is blocking third-party cookies. Tab Tennis Foundation uses a third party for sign-in, so you'll have to enable them.


1.Navigate to chrome://settings/content/cookies
2.Turn off "Block third-party cookies.

I don't see any ads, help!

Please check to make sure that you have any adblockers disabled for the domain. Also, be patient; depending on your location, time or day, or number of tabs you have opened recently, you may not see any ads.

How does it work?

Questions about how Tab Tennis Foundation earns money for charity with every tab

How does Tab Tennis Foundation raise money for charity?

There are a couple banner advertisements in the corner each time you open a New Tab. We get paid for these advertisements, and then give all the profits to charity projects of Tennis World Foundation that partner with us. Tab Tennis Foundation is free to use and always will be.
No matter what our costs are, we give at least 70% of our revenue to charity. We use the rest of the revenue for two purposes: (1) to cover costs, which include hosting/server costs and collaborators; and (2) to reinvest in getting more Tabbers so that we can give more to charity in the long term.

How much do I raise per new tab?

Though it varies greatly, a single tab generally raises between 1/10 and 1 cent ($USD) for charity, which adds up to a lot! Check out our financials to see the impact Tabbers make together.

What are Balls?

Balls are a Tab Tennis Foundation currency that you earn for opening tabs. You will then donate your Balls to the charity projects.

What happens when I donate my Balls?

When you donate a Ball, you are essentially casting a vote for money to be given to charity. At the end of each quarter, we take all of the money raised through Tab Tennis Foundation and divide it amongst the charities of Tennis World Foundation.

What information do you collect about me?

Every Tabber has an anonymous identifier that allows us to keep track of how many active Tabbers we have, how many tabs we all open, and other basic usage stats

Do you endorse the companies in your ads?

No. Companies advertised with us have paid our ad network for a spot, and does not mean that Tab Tennis Foundation endorses them. We don't choose specific ads ourselves (as awesome as that would be).

The funnel goes: Company --> Ad Network --> Your Tabs. We have filters in place to ensure ads are family-friendly, however, ads sometimes get miscategorized and leak through our filters. This may mean seeing an ad you disagree with, but the money still goes to the charity of your choice!

Our charities

Information on the charities we support

How did you pick the charity projects that you support?

First, we wanted to make sure that we picked charities across a wide range of issues, so that our tabbers can support the causes around tennis.
We are supporting Tennis World Foundation and its projects. Its vision is to help disadvantaged children

Are you going to add new charity projects?

In this moment we are following all Tennis World'd projects. In the future Tennis World Foundation may do so and if we do it will be with the same guidelines that we used to pick our initial list--charities that our tabbers are passionate about and that do an exceptional job of turning donations into positive impact.
One way you can show us some situations could need an help. Tennis World Foundation will inspect it.


General issues with daily tabbing

How do I whitelist Tab Tennis Foundation on my adblocker?

Whitelisting on your adblocker ensures we can show you ads on Tab Tennis Foundation (and that you raise money for charity). We have built a page to help you whitelist. Please visit and follow the instructions on this pag.
Please note that there are a few adblockers that are not compatible with Tab Tennis Foundation at the moment. Ghostery, Adguard, and Avira do not work on either browser, Adblock Plus is currently not working on Firefox (though should be fixed soon). If you are currently using one of those adblockers, we can highly recommend Ublock Origin as a free, opensource, and fast adblocker that works well with Tab Tennis Foundation.

How do I uninstall Tab Tennis Foundation?

If you use Chrome, see here. Of course, we're sad to see you go! Please let us know what we can improve.

I referred a friend. Could it help you?

Yes for sure! You can share Tab Tennis Foundation to all your friends, tennis clubs, tennis shops, schools... more people will use Tab Tennis Foundation